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Visual Impairments
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Lack of physical activity is a serious health concern for
individuals who are visually impaired as they have fewer
opportunities and incentives to engage in physical
activities that provide the amounts and kinds of stimulation
sufficient to maintain adequate fitness and to support a
healthy standard of living. Especially children with visual
impairments tend to exhibit lower performance in motor
skills, lower levels of physical activity and fitness, and
higher levels of obesity.

Exergames are video games that use physical activity as
input and which have the potential to change sedentary
lifestyles and associated health problems such as obesity.
Unfortunately exergames are not accessible to users with
visual impairments as they rely upon the player being able
to see visual stimuli. The
VI Fit research project seeks to
explore how exergames can be developed that can be
played without visual feedback, which the goal to increase
the participation of users with visual impairments in
physical activity and to improve their health.

VI Fit games (VI Tennis and VI Bowling) can be
downloaded for free and played using a Wii Remote,
capable of providing vibrotactile and audio cues.
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